02 Apr 2020

Education System Is A Serious Problem In This Country

Indonesia has almost 245 millions people who need good quality of education, which is important to increase their prosperity in a modern life. They need to enhance  their capability and ability by the education that they can access easily. Eventually, until now Indonesia has not good quality in education system. As a result  many people can not access formal education which should be. In Indonesia many complicated system  become a serious problem, for example in education field. From the top of decisions maker till the bottom of implementator, they have complicated problem. These complicated problem will be discussed in this paper.

One of the example is about final examination  in the end of education year for any student in every level. Time to time it is debatable thing that every education expert jointed to make some statements and arguments. It is needed or not by holding a final examination, because an achievement of student can not be measured from it in one time. Now the government of Indonesia make a rule that the final examination is not the one of measurement tool for student achievement. Final learning examination of student is only administrative problem but it is very serious thing. Then, the other bigger one is about infrastructure of school buildings.

Another example is about problem in infrastructure as a chronic for education system because there are multiple paradigms in every decision maker and also in every region.the infrastructure aspect is not only related with buildings but also any education media such as referencial books, multimedia equipments, sport learning tools, and other things. By 20 % of national budgeting ( APBN ), there are a lot of money to improve the education infrastructure quality but a miss-management system and corruption mentality causing the quality of education in our country is bad.

The aim of education system in this country is enhancing the quality of human resource which is related to education. In order that, human resourceof teacher also have to improve first because they are primary aspect of education system. The government of Indonesia make a decision by certificating of teacher to filter the teacher who has good performance in teaching or only has a common performance. If some teachers  reach of excellent level in performance, they will get  twofold of salary but it is a beginning of problem. Although they get double salary there is not significant improvement of their performance. As a result there is not increasing of education human resource quality in Indonesia. In my opinion this policy should be reviewed by the minister of education or the president directly.

As far as my knowledge, there are some alternative problem solving. One of them is making the curriculum of education so simple for everyone o accessthe education, either formal or non formal. By the 20 % of national budgeting  should be accessable for everyone and make it free of charge or tuition fee for every social status person without  exception. If the curriculum is easy and simple but the quality and intencity of lesson is good, so the tuition  fee will be disappeared.

The other solving is often creating the training and workshop for changing the mentality of decisions maker and the teacher how to work honestly, creative, good quality and full of dedication. The improving of capability and ability of the teacher is very important to influence their teaching performance in front of class. Creative and motivated teacher will create high quality output of student with good skill and wide knowledge. Changing the mentality of teacher to serve the student excellently is he best way in my opinion.

For the conclusion of this paper is if there is good will from politician in this country, some problems of education system will be finished easily. Indonesia has good human resources in quality and quantity, so with these capital just change a little bit system from the rules, it can reach well educated society. " Toward well educated society " is the best slogan to motivate our government in education filed.

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